As a teacher, I strive to create a classroom culture in which diversity enriches the educational experience and in which students take an active role in developing their own and others’ understandings of the course material. By facilitating students’ co-construction of knowledge, I foster critical thinking skills and the application of social science concepts, theories, and methods to real-world problems. I invite you to read my Teaching Statement to learn more about my teaching philosophy.

Teaching Experience

Instructor, Research Methods in Child and Adolescent Development,  San José State University, Fall 2016 & Spring 2015
Teaching Assistant, Psychology, UC Santa Cruz :

Introduction to Developmental Psychology, with Dr. Nameera Akhtar
Social Psychology of Gender, with Dr. Campbell Leaper
Social and Emotional Development, with Dr. Campbell Leaper


Adolescent Development, with Virginia Thomas, M.A.
Introduction to Personality Psychology, with Dr. Avril Thorne
Psychology and Religion, with Dr. Ralph Quinn

In addition to my experiences as an Instructor and Teaching Assistant, I have guest lectured on array of topics, including:

• the affective and behavioral changes in labor and childbirth (without pharmacological   pain relief)
• sexualization and body image
• childbirth in the U.S.
• temperament and personality
• coding qualitative data in Transana